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Click here to explore the REAL "Sleepy Hollow" in New York State which inspired me to investigate ghost stories at an early age.

The following are just a few of the haunted places and paranormal hot spots found throughout the Cuyahoga Valley and along the river from its source to the shores of Lake Erie. Additional information will be added as it becomes available. Most of the locations are open to the public, so feel free to visit them for yourself whenever legally possible.

Click on an image to find out more about each one. Due to the volume of locations, they are separated by county.

| Cuyahoga County | Summit County | Portage County |


~ Cuyahoga County ~

Alexander's Mill

Canal Visitor Center

Demon's Bluff

Edmund Gleeson House

Frazee-Hynton House

Lockkeeper's Inn

Stone Road

Tinker's Creek Cemetery

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~ Portage County ~

Kent Masonic Temple

Pufferbelly Restaurant

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~ Summit County ~

Beaver Marsh & Pancake Lock

Blue Hen Falls

Boston Cemetery

Botzum & Star Mound

Brandywine Falls

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Crazy Man's Hollow & Station Road

Deep Lock & Quarry

Dublin Cemetery

Everett Covered Bridge

Everett Road

Farnam Manor

Hale Farm - Goldsmith House

Hale Farm - Herrick House

Hale Farm - Jagger House

Hammond-Cranz House

Indigo Lake

Ira Cemetery

Jaite Paper Mill

Johnnycake Lock & Everett Village

Lonesome Lock

Mater Dolorosa Cemetery

Red Lock

Robert McKisson House

Sagamore Road

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

The Taverne of Richfield

Top O' the World

Valley Railway in Peninsula

Winking Lizard Tavern

Wood General Store

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